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How To Calculate JUPEB Points

Have you been searching for simple steps on How To Calculate JUPEB Points? or Have you been asking; How Can I Calculate My JUPEB Points? JUPEB points for all courses?,  JUPEB marking guide, How JUPEB points are being calculated, JUPEB grading points. If YES, this post you are currently reading will benefit you.

How UNICAL, UNN, UNILAG, UNIZIK JUPEB Points calculated? Check Out below. I will explain below how the JUPEB scoring system works, How JUPEB Scores are calculated, the meaning of JUPEB points, and how to calculate Jupeb points.

It will be of tremendous importance to note that, your JUPEB points are determined by the level of performance you put in at your final JUPEB exam.

First, you need to understand some basic knowledge. As a student of JUPEB, you are to only register three core subjects. It is from these three subjects that your JUPEB points will be calculated.

How To Calculate JUPEB Points

JUPEB Points

How Is JUPEB Marked?

Here is How JUPEB examination Results Graded. A= 5 points, B= 4 points, C= 3 points, D= 2 points, E= 1 point, F= 0 point (failed grade). 1

An additional point is added when a candidate scores A, B, C, D, or E in all the three subjects e.g. a candidate with B, D, C has 10 points.

How to Calculate Jupeb Points

Scores Grades Points
70% – 100% A 5 Points
60% – 69% B 4 Points
50% – 59% C 3 Points
45% – 49% D 2 Points
40% – 44% E 1 Point
39% -00% F 0
JUPEB Grading Points

Please note that English is a general course in JUPEB, so it is not included. For example, for students who are registered in (3) subjects and have scored such as Physics (A); Chemistry (B); and Biology (C), the total score is calculated as follows: It must be further noted that your Jupeb points are what determines if you will be admitted into 200L or Not.

See the second table below:

Subject Grade
Physics A
Chemistry B
Biology C
TOTAL: 12 Points
Example of JUPEB Score Grading.

What Does JUPEB Means?

Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board The meaning of JUPEB is Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board.

JUPEB is a national examinations body approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria in December 2013.


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